Social Media Campaign

We created this social media campaign to raise awareness and give support to the local businesses, as they are the heart of our communities, at the core of thriving neighbourhoods.

It will be devastating to local communities if Local Businesses  are forced to close.

To show your support to the local businesses in your local area, please publish a #StandForLocal post in all your Social Media accounts.

Instructions and resources for your posts:

1. Copy the following text into your post

I pledge to #StandForLocal and #ShopLocal in my local area of  XXXXX (name of your local area/town/village/City)
Please share this message to support our Local Businesses.
When local businesses thrive, we all do!

2. Choose hashtags








3. Choose an image/video

Click on the Image you like and when the image pops up:

  • Desktop/Laptop: mouse right click + "copy image" 
  • Mobile phone/Tablet: keep the finger pressed and choose "Download Image" 

Done! Thank you for your support